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      Sludge drying and resource utilization

      Super drying and resource utilization under liquid condition
      Heat pump

      Characteristics of liquid phase deep dehydration and recycling


      ■ The non-volatile mixed medium is used as the extraction heating medium to directly contact the sludge. The water in the sludge can be directly extracted and removed. ■ It is then fully stirred by steam for high-efficient dehydration under negative pressure. ■ A small amount of non-condensable gas discharged from the system can be directly discharged or further treated. ■ After a honeycomb high specific surface is formed, the heating value is supplemented to form a solid recovered fuel. ■ Non-volatile mixed medium is used as the extraction heat carrier, on which chemical extraction dehydration can be carried out in advance. The investment is saved by high unit volume of heat and low energy consumption of the transportation equipment: 1.6 kJ / m3. ℃ of air vs. 1600 kJ /m3.℃ of mixed medium. ■ The thermal resistance is low by using boiling heat transfer(about 4 * 10-3 m2.kW-1) , which is equivalent to a film dryer ■ Fully automatic filtration: PLC control; short dehydration time: continuous operation; high efficiency: moisture can be reduced to less than 10%; no dust: no secondary dust is generated during the liquid phase dehydration, and the danger of dust explosion is avoided

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